AISB - Next meeting (February 21, 2018)

The AISB Board of Trustees meets next on February 21, 2018

Topics to be discussed include:
  • A review of the school's emergency drill procedures
  • Final approval of the AISB Five Year Financial Plan
  • Revising the school's CFA/$ exchange rate
  • Final reception of the auditor's report for the 2016-17 financial year
  • The parent survey for March 2018

AISB Board News from the Board meeting of January 17, 2018
The Board approved the calendar for the 2018-19 school year and this was shared with the community on the school website and by email.  The auditor's report and the proposed AISB Five Year Financial Plan were also discussed.  These are scheduled for final approval at the February meeting of the Board. The Board also reviewed the progress to date on the annual Board and Director goals for 2017-18.

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