AISB - Next meeting (September 18, 2018)

The AISB Board of Trustees meets next on September 18, 2018 -  at 6:00pm. The Board will approve the Terms of Reference for its committees and taskforces for 2018-19 in the areas of Finance, Facilities, Planning, Enrollment and Information Management.  The Board will also approve Key Performance Indicators and a monitoring protocol to support the implementation of the school's strategic plans.

AISB Board News from the Board meeting of August 23, 2018
The Board considered updates in the status of the school since last meeting in May and prepared for the Board Retreat on September 2nd. It also laid out immediate goals for the Finance and Planing committees for the meeting of September 18.

AISB - Next meeting (August 23, 2018)

The AISB Board of Trustees meets next on August 23, 2018 -  at 6:00pm. They will review the start of year and any developments in enrollment, finances and security over the summer.  They will also plan the Board Retreat agenda for September 2nd, outlining broad goal areas for 2018-19.

AISB Board News from the special Board meeting and AGM of May 30, 2018
The Board welcomed the new trustees and executive roles were filled: Johan Andersson remains as Board Chair, Viet-Hong Pham Dinh took up the post of Vice-Chair, Boubacar SidibĂ© will remain as Treasurer and Daniel Tiveau took up the post of Secretary.  The Board also approved a Five Year Facilities Plan that will see major renovations to the school cafeterias and the construction of a covered gymnasium over the next three years. The Board reviewed enrollment projections for 2018-19 and voted to revise the hiring plan to add an overseas hired elementary school teacher. Finally, the Board looked at possible scenarios for how the elections in July-August could impact the opening of the school and developed a check in plan to keep abreast of any developments throughout the summer.  It was decided not to revise the school calendar at this time.

AISB - Next meeting (March 26, 2019)

The AISB Board of Trustees meets next on March 26, 2019 - at 6:00pm. The Board will hear updates from Board committees and taskforces on Fi...