AISB - Next meeting (November 27, 2018)

The AISB Board of Trustees meets next on November 27, 2018 -  at 6:00pm. The Board will hear reports about the fall MAP testing results as well as updates from Board committees and taskforces on Finance, Facilities, Enrollment, Information Management and Planning.

AISB Board News from the Board meeting and AGM of October 16, 2018
The Board approved a revised budget for the 2018-19 school year in light of shifts in enrollment as well as the financial report fro the previous fiscal year.  Both documents were presented during the AGM by the Board Treasurer, in addition to a presentation by the Board Chair on the Board goals for 2018-19 and a presentation on the MSA accreditation visit by the team that led the accreditation process.

AISB Board News from the Board meeting of September 18, 2018
The Board approved the terms of references for the Board committees on Finance, Facilities and Planning, as well as special taskforces to recommend policies in the areas of Information Management and Enrollment. The work of these teams is in alignment with the Board goals for 2018-19.  The Board also approved the Director's goals for 2018-19.  Finally, the Board approved the scheme of Key Performance Indicators and Strategic Planning Monitoring Protocols presented by the Planning Committee.

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